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About Hatixa

Hatixa Solutions builds custom technology solutions for small and large organizations. We visualize creating a competent and new generation technology group. Our aim is to leverage on technology to solve critical business problems and innovate creative outlets. By partnering with our clients to fully understand their pain points, we develop disruptive solutions with real word implementation.

Roots & Wings

At Hatixa, these two words sum up our approach towards solution creation for our esteemed clients.


Solutions are like clothes, without the right fit, it just looks messy. Which is why we immerse ourselves (through research) in our client’s ideas, mindsets and thoughts. This gives us the perfect foundation in which to build the perfect solutions. “Progress not perfection”


After rooting ourselves in our client’s needs/ideas, we set forth to create the best possible solutions. Fuelled by disruptive ideas and imagination, we not only solve our client’s problem but unlock the client’s full potential to change the game/market in their favour. “The man who has no imagination, has no wings” - Mohammed Ali

Let us help you create a solution


To become the #1 Authority on IT Solutions in Africa.


To create value for our diverse clients, by building state of the art solutions in the form of user friendly and business viable products.